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TotalCAE Analyzer
Reporting and Analytics for HPC compute, storage, and engineering licenses

Easy to Use – One click to view the critical cluster metrics including overall cluster utilization by user and partition.

Application License Reporting – Report on license utilization for all popular engineering applications to make decisions on proper amount of licensing for your applications.

Data Driven Planning – Graph busy peak simulation periods for more accurate resource planning, forecasting, and resource justification.

Problem Analysis – Deep dive into real-time and historical system performance to help assist in debugging node related job issues including cpu, memory, network, and disk.

 View HPC utilization metrics to justify the need for additional computing power.
License Reporting
Reporting on all of your application licenses to enable you to see over time trends, peaks, and minimums for engineering applications to right-size your application licenses. All major engineering license servers are supported, there is no limit on the number of users or license servers.
Problem Analysis
Problem Analysis - Detailed Compute Resource Usage in Realtime for Debugging Job Performance Issues

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