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TotalCAE StorageCamel Secure Backups of your Engineering Simulation Data

Securely backing up massive amounts of engineering data is challenging. Historically, many engineering firms haven’t performed ongoing back-ups because it was cost prohibitive to protect ongoing engineering data that might be in progress at any given time.

TotalCAE StorageCamel is an offsite, data backup storage solution that enables engineers to eliminate the risk of interruption for in-progress work due to lost data. It makes sure you don't have to re-create data in the event of an accidental deletion, user error, or a malicious attack.

Restore Data with Zero IT Help

Restore Data with Zero IT Help

The continued demand for engineering departments to achieve faster turnaround time means that any disruption caused by lost or corrupt data may result in missed deadlines. TotalCAE StorageCamel allows you to restore your data within seconds, with zero IT help. Don’t depend on limited back-ups on one server, external hard drives, or RAID protection.

TotalCAE StorageCamel encrypts your sensitive data before it leaves your data center. No one can view your data outside your network, including TotalCAE. Data centers use data security measures such as encryption and safeguards against denial of service attacks; infrastructure security measures such as redundant electrical power feeds, Internet access through multiple providers, and advanced fire control systems.

On-site security measures include camera surveillance, key-card and biometric access to admit only authorized personnel, and on-premise vehicle identification.

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Automatic Data Protection for Engineering

Automatic Self-Service Backup and Recovery

Automatic Self-Service Archive and Recovery

Access data snapshots on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Self-service feature enables automatic archival and fast recovery of data with zero IT help needed.

Secure and Reliable

Secure and Reliable

Multiple levels of security (Defense of Depth) makes TotalCAE Storage Camel safe, secure, accessible, and automatic archival option.

Secure, redundant storage with 99.9999% durability.

Your data is encrypted before entering offsite data centers for storage, making it secure and unreadable by anyone but you.

Encrypted data is replicated across multiple US secure data centers for extra reliability should recovery be needed.

Safeguard Against Threats to Your Engineering Data

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Safeguard Against Threats to Your Engineering Data

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