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TotalCAE Data Marshal Automatically Store and Search on Engineering Simulation Data

TotalCAE Data Marshal enables clients to automatically store and search  their engineering simulation data, without having to take any extra steps.  Everything is automatic, continue to submit to the TotalCAE web portal, or command line tsubmit, and simulation archive and search is automatically done for you.

Restore Data with Zero IT Help

Automatically Store and Search Engineering Simulation Data

Managing simulation data has always been a challenge for many organizations. Hundreds of simulations are performed with terabytes of output, and often there is not a good historical record of the simulations done, what version of the software it ran on, what inputs and options were used,  in order to go back and re-create the simulation later.

Data Marshal was created to capture all simulation history and knowledge without requiring the engineer to do anything different to file and store all of your simulation history and data. Now you can go back and find data months or years later, through our simple "google" like search portal.

Search On Your Data Perform a "google" like search on past engineering simulation data.

Download Your Data Download past engineering simulation data months or years later.

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TotalCAE Data Marshal Benefits

Automatic Simulation Data Archive

Automatic Simulation Data Retention

Archive all the related information to re-create the simulation such as  input decks, job solve versions, job parameters, solver options, with no required steps for the user.

Just submit your job as normal, no extra steps to archive all the simulation data and information to ensure that it is all information is captured without burdening the user.

Search and Download

Search and Download Simulation Data

Perform a "google" like search and download past engineering simulation data submitted by name, drive, comment, solver and any other criteria months or years later.

Custom Workflows API

Custom Workflows API

Integrate with any custom workflows through our API.

Search and Download

Store Simulation Data on Low Cost Storage

Store simulation on-premise on low-cost storage, or in the cloud for unlimited capacity.

Managing the Deluge of Engineering Simulation Data”

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Managing the Deluge of Engineering Simulation Data”

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