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TotalCAE Activation Filter (TAF) Schedule Jobs based on License Availability

TotalCAE Activation Filter enables engineering workloads to stay queued until enough application licenses are available.

The TotalCAE platform includes TAF so on-premise jobs don't die from lack of sufficient licensing. and public cloud jobs don't turn on cloud nodes until application licenses are available.

Try the TAF Commercial Version FREE for 14 Days

Try the TAF Commercial Version FREE for 14 Days

Click the button below to download the fully functional trial version.  Purchase a license key within two weeks to retain functionality.



Automatic Self-Service Backup and Recovery

Ease of Use

Simple graphic interface (GUI) and command line interface; NO coding or programming required. 

No end user intervention needed.

Less than two minutes to install with a simple graphical installer.

Comprehensive step by step documentation.

Secure and Reliable

Comprehensive Support

Out-of-the-box support for all FLEXlm licensed applications.

Support for Non-FLEXlm-based license servers like LSTC, Dassault Systèmes License Server (DSLS), Reprise, and LM-X.

Support for ANSYS Workbench license aware scheduling with RSM.

Support for unlimited number of licensed applications.

Secure and Reliable


Built in testing and diagnostics tools, plus extensive logging.

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